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Walking Billboard advertising creates targeted and noticeable outdoor presence

Walking Billboard is a super-noticeable, eco-friendly outdoor street advertising medium perfect for achieving a targeted brand presence and consumer engagement around transit stations, convention center trade shows, retailers, sports arenas and cities such as New York City, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Chicago and San Francisco. Walking Billboards are effective as their unique standout presence intrigues consumers to engage.

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Walking Billboards are often deployed in convoy mode to create an even larger, more noticeable street-level billboard presence.

Walking Billboards are human-powered so considered a green and eco-friendly advertising medium.

They are most effective in cities with a high concentration of foot-traffic such as New York City, Boston, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle.

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Walking Billboards can take on a variety of forms as noted below:

Above-the-Head Walking Billboards consist of double-sided signage placed above the head of brand ambassadors via a pole and custom backpack. Signage can take the form of thought bubbles, speech bubbles or custom die-cut shapes. Above-the-Head Walking Billboards in addition to creating a presence can distribute flyers or trial-size product samples. Above-the-Head Walking Billboards are typically deployed with lightweight jackets to cover the walking billboard backpacks.



Rectangle Light-Up / Digital Walking Billboards consist of large backpack billboard signs that strap on to the back of brand ambassadors. A large rectangle billboard bulletin-type size sign faces consumers behind the brand ambassadors and a small square signs is on the reverse side. These are often called digital walking/human billboards as they light-up at night via internal LED lights. Similar to the above they can create an advertising presence as well consumer engagement (e.g. product sampling, product demos, surveys, etc.) Rectangle Walking Billboards are most effective when deployed in convoy mode on the busy streets of cities such as Boston, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington DC.

Custom Walking Billboards can consist of variety of walk-around advertising billboards concepts ranging from hand-held stand-ins to digitally interactive to oversize signs.

Contact ALT TERRAIN for a Walking Billboard ideas, pricing and custom concepts.

STREET TEAMS with walking billboard

When you equip your street team with walking billboards your distribution team becomes an outdoor advertising tool that takes your advertising message directly to your audience. This type of outdoor promotional advertising campaign can well exceed results from traditional human directional advertising. Walking billboards will help your street team marketing campaign stand out from the rest.






Walking Billboards can help promote your brand or business. If you’re looking for a creative outdoor marketing product, check out our walking billboards.

Human billboard advertising has been around for centuries dating back to the days when human signs were called sandwich boards in which the person would wear a billboard and walk around promoting their product or business.

The human billboard has proven to be a successful part of a guerrilla marketing campaign and is still used to this day.

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The Backpack billboard features internal LED lighting which allows the media to be seen at night. Our walking billboards help get your on street marketing promotion be fresh and successful. The Illuminated walking billboard also comes with on board batteries and your street team person can operate the backpack billboard for up to 8 hours on a single charge. (Charger included.) We also offer a scrolling LED backpack billboard for added exposure.







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